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David Garrett has been a practicing attorney in Michigan for over 25 years. In 2006 Mr. Garrett set up a 501(c)3 non-profit ministry called ICORVI Consulting in response to his concern about Christians in conflict. He now promotes the biblical principles of conflict resolution. Mr. Garrett can be retained as a consultant to assist you in resolving personal conflict in your church or organization. He can also provide in person training in how to set up your own process as described in the book, Heavenly Relationships Start on Earth.

Definition of Faith Based Facilitative Conciliation

Faith based facilitative conciliation is a settlement negotiation process which relies on biblical principles carried out between the disputing parties with the assistance of an independent neutral. It is similar to mediation or arbitration but if the parties do not reach a resolution on their own the facilitator will not impose a resolution. It is not a legal procedure but a process based on mutual religious convictions. Any legal actions must be property placed on hold or suspended. At most, the facilitator will make non-binding evaluation and recommendation if asked for an additional jointly paid fee. The parties are free to reject the recommendation.

Once appointed the facilitator will take charge of the process and will require the parties to send details of the dispute for review, a copy of which will then be sent to the opposing party. The facilitator will then meet with the parties separately. After researching the issues in dispute, the facilitator will thereafter convene a meeting of the parties in joint session. Additional private sessions may be needed until a resolution is reached. The facilitator is not obliged to maintain the confidentiality of any information given. The objective is to arrive at a written settlement which the parties will pledge to follow in faith. The parties always pay their own costs of the conciliation and share the facilitator’s fees and expenses.


Do dedicated God-followers let themselves be taken advantage of by wayward Christians? In other words, must followers of God automatically capitulate and do nothing when confronted with conflict? Is this what having a “godly perspective” means? Of course not. In 1 Corinthians 6, Paul’s clear instruction to contentious believers is to not sue a fellow believer. Such instruction, however, does not preclude seeking other remedies. Paul did not require the Corinthian believers—nor he does require us—to passively accept a wrong. And that wrong could be anything from a personal affront to a situation where secular litigation could be sought. This book shows how Heavenly Relationships can Start on Earth!

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